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When I was 12, my 7th grade teacher said “Francisco, please come up here and tell a story to the class”. All the other kids stared at me, and I thought “Oh no”.
Half of them looked horrified for me, and the other half couldn’t wait to see me crash and burn - but I realised I was actually excited. 
You see, I was never a popular kid. My mom made a big sacrifice to put me in that fancy private school, but that meant I couldn’t afford the things my classmates had, and that made me different. And when you’re a kid, being different is no good at all, so I never felt like I fit in, that I was cool - but now I had my chance. 
So I got up there, and told one of my stories. And they loved it. They laughed, they cheered, they asked for more, and I felt like I was the most popular kind in that school.
That’s when I first understood the power of stories. 

Since that time, I’ve told stories in front of audiences around the world and even became a National Champion of public speaking.

In 2020 I published “Bare: A Guide to Brutally Honest Public Speaking”, which deals with some important questions that never get asked: 
What do you have in common with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Javier Bardem, and the octopus? What’s the best thing about vegans? Do parents have favourites? How do you stop a wolf fight? And why do some people prefer longer colonoscopies?

I found that those answers, believe it or not, will make anyone a better public speaker - whether you’ve been too afraid to talk in front of an audience, or have been doing it for years.


That same year I’ve launched The Storypowers Podcast, and over its 100+ episodes I’ve had the pleasure to speak to some of the greatest storytellers, speakers, marketing and communication experts in the world - and have plenty of laughs with them too!
Today, I’m a keynote speaker, emcee and storytelling coach and I’m trusted by global organisations to inspire teams and individuals to communicate more effectively through intentional storytelling. 

​I live in Barcelona with my wife Patrícia, our daughters Alice and Olivia, and Parsley, the cat.

When I'm not speaking, training or spending time with my family, I’m obsessing about BBQ, reading way too many books and posting embarrassing videos on LinkedIn. 

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