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Press Kit


Francisco's Bio

Francisco Mahfuz has always loved speaking, even before he had anything useful to say. He's been telling stories in front of audiences for a decade, and even became a National Champion of public speaking.  

Today, he’s a keynote speaker and storytelling coach trusted by global organisations to inspire teams and individuals to communicate more effectively through intentional storytelling, and his clients include Pepsi, HP, the United Nations, Santander and Cornell University. 

He's the author of "Bare: A Guide to Brutally Honest Public Speaking", the host of The Storypowers Podcast and he teaches communication at IESE, one of the top 10 MBAs in the world


Keynote Descriptions
(Longer descriptions can be found on the Speaking page or tailored to the event)

Storypower Your Culture: How to Drive Engagement, Purpose and Performance


Engaged employees are the difference between a company that struggles and one that excels. In this well researched and entertaining keynote, Francisco will show how stories are the key to attracting and retaining top talent, driving performance and creating an empowering culture.

Find Your Storypowers: Engage, Sell and Inspire through Intentional Storytelling

Through compelling science, relevant case studies, and captivating stories of his own, Francisco will empower individuals across all levels of the company to use intentional stories to attract more customers, engage their teams and inspire change.

Storypowered Change: Gain Support, Overcome Resistance and Create Lasting Impact

It takes more than a story to create long-lasting change, but you can’t achieve it without a story. In this dynamic and well researched keynote, Francisco will show how a story can create focus and give meaning to change, help spread it and create impact that lasts.

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